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New membewr here and my first post. While I live my life around firearms I am not a huge shotgunner. I have always been a SxS guy untill this past weeke when I found an older but in very very good condition 1100 for sale at a trade show for 300.00. For the price I figured I could not go wrong. I shoot several Model 700 center fire guns and have always enjoyed the Remington products.

I have been looking around and found some great info on take down and cleaning. I do however still have a few questions I bet some of you guys can help me with.

First is barrel replacement. The one on the gun is fine but I might like to get a barrel with changable chokes. Can I get a new barrel cheaper than having a smith convert this one? Also if a new barrel is a viable option are there older model barrels vs newer model barrels and how do I know the differance?

Second question is on the safety. I am a lefty, I know buy a lefty gun, but most of my firearms are all right handed and I have always managed to make it work just fine. I have shot a few of my friends autoloaders and I can live with it. My question is on the safety. While I can make this work I have heard rumors that a left handed conversion exists. Any words of wisdom?

Thanks for all your help guys and I will be lurking around the sight and posting from time to time as I can.
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