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New Mossberg 500 owner, paint job question.

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Hello I was wondering if it is safe to spraypaint my gun.
If so, would it be best to just mask it and spray paint it while it's assembled?

Or strip it and spray each part separately?

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Is123 - Don't know about paint, but if you are looking to camoflage your gun, I know camo tape is available in various patterns which should do the job nicely and later be easily removed without harming the gun's finish.
No problem to paint it. BUT (from experience!) be sure to tape off the chamber, trigger assembly, rails, etc. You don't want any overspray or anything getting on the moving parts. If you do, the gun will gum up and be most difficult to work the action. I painted mine with a product called bowflauge back in the '80's.

- PJ
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