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new powder

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I was wondering if anyone else heard of the new e3 powder from alliant powders. I just recieved the news in the mail this morning. I am curious to test out there claims of it being cleaner than clays and better uniformity than clays.
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One of the guys in our gun club bought some of the new e3 and loaded 1 1/8 oz #9 with 3 dram equivalent in Remington Premier STS hulls. I shot some of his shells and some of mine loaded with Clays today on the Skeet range and the e3 had a stronger recoil and sharper detonation. Also I could not see any difference in the cleanliness of his gun over mine, but we had only shot about 100 shells each. He likes it, but I think that I will stick to the Clays.
i have gone exclusively to the E3. with light loads, even downloaded, i have found E3 to be cleaner than clays or solo 1000. i noticed plastic fouling that i did not see with other powders, and alliant suggested that there was no powder fouling to mask it! after i shoot 2 flats through my trap gun with 16gr, and 1 oz with claybuster wad, the bore looks like i fired ONE sts or AA factory load through it. i like it. i do not load heavy. you use less E3 than other powders. 16 gr of E3 does what about 17.5gr of red dot, clays, solo 1000. so if someone is using that much E3 it would kick and roar, but used in the amounts recommended, it is light is recoil. i always wear hearing protection, but the report seems mild.
For the price of E3 it darn well better be absolutely perfect! I cant justify the added expense when there are other powders out there that do just as good a job. And you have to clean your shotgun anyway.
In my gun I used 17.3 grains of Clays, to get the same velocity in e3 I found that 15.6 grains. worked. That would roughly 352 more loads per 8 lbs. See how that works out in cost per round. I found e3 to be very clean burning plus it is made in USA, not imported like Clays. (BTW couldn't find e3 in my area this past weekend so I had to get more Clays. Both are excellant but I will stick to US products if choice is available).
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