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red baron said:
Just throwing this one out... Anyone see the new Remington 1100 competition that just posted to the web site. Looks good, talks a good game, but LOOK at the price!!! More than the standard B guns. How dare they!!!

Seriously, Anyone actually felt one yet.. What do you think???
If it is the real deal, would love to buy a good semi not made by a pompus *** "B" (and there are at least 3 such animals that forgot what customer service is and how to answer a phone... :evil: ) company.

Remington already has target grade 1100s in trap, skeet and sporting grades. These guns retail for $700-$800 new.

The new 1100 Competition is a deluxe version of their Sporting 12. Remington is marketing the 1100 Competition to go up against other deluxe grade semi-autos, such as the Beretta 391 Teknys, and the Browning Gold Golden Clays. ... tition.asp ... s_main.htm ... ype_id=244

Comparing apples to apples, Remington undercuts their competition on price for both the standard grade target guns ($750 Sporting 12 vs $1000 391 Sporting or Gold Sporting) and the deluxe grade guns ($1300 MSRP 1100 Competition vs $1800 MSRP for either the Beretta 391 Teknys or the Browning Gold Golden Clays).

I own an 1100 Sporting 12 and an 1100 Classic Trap. I can't wait to check out the new 1100 Competition model. :D
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