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Gidday how are you all?
I am from Australia and do not know if you can help but I am after a shot gun cheap, o/uI was looking at the Boito.Now I do not know if you get those in the U.S.Does any one know what they are like how they shoot?I will be using it mainly for rabbits birds (ducks and what ever)and some clay targets.I would only use about three-four boxes of 25 shells a year. Thanks for your help.
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G'day Pete and welcome to the forum.

The Boito is available in the states and is offered as a low end priced gun. If you are careful and look over several, you should be able to get a decent one with ok fit and finish. Several folks have them for bird hunting in rough cover, they didn't want to mess up the finish of a "nice" double and are very happy with them. Sounds like its just right for what you are wanting.
Beleave me you won't be shooting 3-4 a year :lol: Clays are very adicting.
Thanks for the replys.I thought it should do me for rattling around in the back of the ute.And yes I think I will get addicted to clay shooting.
Boito Shotguns are very good field guns. I have an old OU12 never had a problem with it until recently. The firing pin went out. Numrich gun parts had the parts and i should be getting them pretty soon. I bought this gun from my uncle about 10 years and he bought it in California in the mid's70's. I put about 500-750 rounds per year. It is ~30yrs old and wood is still glossy and the blueing/brown from the reciever/barrels are in good shape.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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