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A guy I hunted with in the eighties used the BRI's in a 870 smooth bore slug gun and could hit a paper plate standing at 100yds. every time. Nice little .50cal holes and he shot some nice bucks out to a 100yd. I have also used them all these years but out of a rifled barrel- dead accurate out to 100yd. I got an 8pt. this last season with them, 4.99 a box when I bought them. On the back of the box it says- Sabot slugs are intended for cylinder and improved cylinder bore shotguns. No ware on the box does it say anthing about rifled barrels. The Win. are the same design but are not quite the same. Win.=437gr.hollow point -original BRI's 445gr. shock point. I read that BRI and Hastings worked together to make a more accurate shotgun slug and they did. I only have four boxes of the original BRI's left, but the Win. shoot just about as good.
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