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New SxS?

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I am looking fror a new SxS and need help finding models.

Right now I am looking at the Beretta 470 Silver Hawk and the Browning BSS.

Any other good SxS shotguns out there that I should look at? No Baikal or Stoeger or Huglu please.

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I shoot the Brownings. I have a 20 and a 12. Very good gun for the money. Chopper barrels that shoot where you point and a bullet proof single trigger.

Does anyone know anything about the phantom SxS from Ruger?
Any Good Italian, spanish or other western European as well as Japanese gun should be fine.

Just be a bit carefull since some of the s/s can be too delicate for rough and regular use.
I know you mentioned new.And I know I've aired my opinion on this subject before.But have you considered a used Belgian gun.I've got a 20ga SxS,made in 1927,weighs 5lbs.2oz.,considered"bottom grade" but still looks good and is tight.From what I've been able to learn going rate here,or in Europe,is around $1000.00.[I don't know how,or I'd offer a couple of pictures here,I can e-mail them if you'de like].I'm a firm believer that some of the lesser name Belgian guns are a great buy.It's got to say something for the Belgian makers to have a gun 75+ yrs.old,"bottom grade",and still in this condition.
Anyway,just a thought.
Dont overlook the Merkel if you are looking for a good looking,[in my opinion] strong, well finished SXS...
Look at the IZH modles from EAA
These guns are inexpencive, well built and have some cool features. Optional exposed hammers, chrome lined barrels, and the coolest feature is the barrel inserts. These will change your 12ga into a SxS rifle! Just for kicks!

Calibers: (45-70, .308 WIN, .30-06, .222, .223)[/url]
Well thanks all but I think I found my new SxS. The only thing is I will have to see how the gun looks in real life. I am holding off on a high dollar SxS till I know it is what I want.

It has all I want

Model 411 Upland Sporter

Features: Boxlock action with laser-engraved decorative sideplates; laser engraved trigger guard and forearm iron. Hammer-forged, chrome lined barrels with 3-inch chambers designed to handle steel shot. Automatic tang safety. Full, modified and improved cylinder choke tubes supplied (improved modified and full fixed chokes in .410).

Sights: Non-glare raised rib with red flourescent front bead and brass mid-bead.

Stock: Matte lacquer European walnut pistol grip buttstock and splinter forearm with cut checkering.

Choke Tubes: Screw-in choke tubes (F, M & IC) designed to handle steel shot.

12 Gauge - 6.75 lbs
20 Gauge/.410 Gauge - 6.5 lbs

Barrel Length:
12 Gauge -28"
20 Gauge/.410 Gauge -26"

Overall Length:
12 Gauge - 44.5"
20 Gauge/.410 Gauge -42.5"

Length of Pull: 13.75"

Drop at Comb: 1.75"

Drop at Heel: 2.75"

Oh and the price is $395.00 MSRP
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A little heavy,but I "ll admit that weight is a relative sort of thing.It's all in what you're used to,and you certainly can't beat that price.
G.H. Go to and then to Articles Archive and then to Sport Show 2003 3rd day. He has a nice picture of one that you can blow up twice. If it is as good as it looks they won't be able to make them fast enough. Get your name in and let us know what happens!!!
I have used the 470, an AYA, and a Merkel -- go with the Merkel if you can. The 470 (fixed chokes) is a very very tight shooter. The AYA could have had better QC. The merkel is dead on. Nice problem to have though.
Have you checked out the Ugartechea line? It's available from Lion Country Supply out of Pennsylvania.
GH-I'd appreciate you letting us know how you like the Stevens 411....considering one myself.Looks decent for the price.Thanks.
The press release says it is crafted in Russia, and it uses the colonial choke tubes. which are what the baikal guns imported here use. Hmmm.
I was in your shoes a year ago. I wanted a NICE 20 ga. SxS that I could keep forever and be proud of. I had saved for about a year and decided I could spend no more than $2000. Long story short I ran across a "Parker Quail Special" by Ugartechea. It is a side lock 20 ga. w/ 27" M/F bbls., double triggers w/articulating front, selective ejectors straight grip, splinter fore end and a lovely piece of walnut for a stock. It appears to be the equivalent of Lion Country Supply's Ugatechea Grade III.
This little 20 is a real head turner at the gun club especially sitting in the rack next to all the (YAWN) 12 ga. O/U's and semi-auto's with their knurled, extended, ported choke tubes.
I'd be embarrassed to say exactly what I paid for it as it almost made me feel guilty. (Under $1500 w/ less than 2 boxes of shells fired through it) I had the chokes opened to SK/MOD. and I've never been more pleased in my life. I just returned from my shop and cleaning the little darling after two rounds of skeet this evening and while I was cleaning it I thought how amazing it was that a carefully built shotgun can be such a thing of beauty.
If you can find a good Ugartechea at a reasonable price I'd jump on it post haste. You won't be sorry!!
Oh yeah..I check the Stevens 411's as I'm looking for a .410 SxS and according to the company they won't be out until OCTOBER!!!!
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I think you are right on how long until the Stevens 410 is available. Expect to pay around $363 when they are released.

I'm in the same boat and have come down to three:

Winchester Model 23 (21 is a little out of budget)

Weatherby Orion

DeHaan Model S2

I've shot all three and much to my suprise the DeHaan seems to fit me best. That being said the Model 23 has the best looking wood and with some minor modifications (recoil pad and trigger work) I think it may be the one I buy.
Good luck finding an Orion. I've owned two Orion o/u's and have been waiting to see one of the sxs's for a year. I called Weatherby and they said their factory in Spain is very slow in putting them out. They are expecting a small shipment the end of July, so they say.
Birdbrained said:
Good luck finding an Orion. I've owned two Orion o/u's and have been waiting to see one of the sxs's for a year. I called Weatherby and they said their factory in Spain is very slow in putting them out. They are expecting a small shipment the end of July, so they say.
I saw one on last week. The seller was able to get both grades of Weatherby sxs'. He got the cheaper one first, then the other one came in so he is selling the cheaper one, according to his post.
Anyone seen or tried out the franchi highlander
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