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I was in your shoes a year ago. I wanted a NICE 20 ga. SxS that I could keep forever and be proud of. I had saved for about a year and decided I could spend no more than $2000. Long story short I ran across a "Parker Quail Special" by Ugartechea. It is a side lock 20 ga. w/ 27" M/F bbls., double triggers w/articulating front, selective ejectors straight grip, splinter fore end and a lovely piece of walnut for a stock. It appears to be the equivalent of Lion Country Supply's Ugatechea Grade III.
This little 20 is a real head turner at the gun club especially sitting in the rack next to all the (YAWN) 12 ga. O/U's and semi-auto's with their knurled, extended, ported choke tubes.
I'd be embarrassed to say exactly what I paid for it as it almost made me feel guilty. (Under $1500 w/ less than 2 boxes of shells fired through it) I had the chokes opened to SK/MOD. and I've never been more pleased in my life. I just returned from my shop and cleaning the little darling after two rounds of skeet this evening and while I was cleaning it I thought how amazing it was that a carefully built shotgun can be such a thing of beauty.
If you can find a good Ugartechea at a reasonable price I'd jump on it post haste. You won't be sorry!!
Oh yeah..I check the Stevens 411's as I'm looking for a .410 SxS and according to the company they won't be out until OCTOBER!!!!
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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