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Name is scott i have been shooting and reloading rifle and handgun for well over 20 years. I own 4 shotguns. Never really cared much about how i shot with them or anything. I always considered them the Toys. I spent a lot of time honning in on my skills on shooting rifle. This is to where i am shooting steel at 400 yards and more. It has taken me a long time to get my sighting in on my rifles, develop good loading and just training on accuracy. A few weeks ago i went shooting with some friends. We all took a few guns. I took out my 30-30 and marlin 700 (22cal). Shot gun i took out my old NEF 12 *****. did not care to bring out my others. i figured that was good enough. Once we get to the range we set up on a long bench where at the end you can shoot long range rifle steel at 100 and 200 yards. Then next to that is paper for handgun and then next to that is steel at different yards out to 200 yards. So i set up my 30-30 and fired my first round. High to the right barely. Ok i know how to compensate for the wind now. So i fire my second round hitting steel. Then i did a few more. Then went to my 22. Loaded up a 15 round magazine then fired 15 times hitting steel. Well i got bored and let everyone else try to shoot my rifles. Then we pulled out the shot gun. That was fun for a while then my friend pulls out his shot gun. Then we go over to shoot clays. WHICH i have no experience on. AND i find out that i really suck. At the end we started talking about reloading. Then i mentioned my other shotguns including my 410. Then i started of thinking of reloading for the 410.

Now im here. i have loaders on order and im going to figure this thing out. As im getting a little bored with the rifles and handguns.
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Welcome! I'm not a long time resident of this board but I can testify to the addicting nature of clays shooting. I have been shooting sporting clays for a little over a year and find my pistols sit in their boxes. I shoot frequently and and usually shoot a match a week. Many of the matches are fun shoots. I also shoot hunter class at registered matches. (Soon to change because I plan to shoot registered targets next year.) Trap is fun too. Plan to start shooting skeet soon.

What I am trying to write is there are lots of clay games and I have learned from all that I have tried. I think I wish you as much enjoyment as I get from clay shooting. I think I wish, because of the addicting nature of the sport.
Thank you I can tell you know i now about as much about shootin clays as i know about the moon. However i am going to spend some time doing some reading first then im going to spend more time out on the range trying to figure out what i need to do to be successfull on this. I think i have done my part on shooting rifle and handgun. I have a huge log on reloading data on works good in my rifles and what dosent. I just need todo the same thing on this.

If the dimensions of your gun's stock are right for your size and shape (in other words, the gun fits you), you will be looking down the rib after you mount the gun. It may take some practice before you are able to mount your gun consistently but practice will make perfect... eventually and if your gun fits you.

If you can mount it and be looking down the rib or barrel, your first challenge will be avoiding aiming the gun when shooting moving targets. That too will take some practice.

You should always be looking at the target, never glancing back at the barrel during swings. If you do, your swing will slow and will cause you to shoot behind targets.

With experience, you will notice the barrel approaching the target in your peripheral vision with your eyes still focused on the target. You will fire when the sight picture (eye-muzzle-target) seems right, easier said than done and simpler with some experience.

You are also likely to use a rifle stance or foot position that is oblique to what you are shooting at. You will probably need to square your stance so it is only slightly rotated in the direction of the side of your gun mount.
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scrat - Welcome to the wonderful world of shotguns and shotgunners.

Since you mention doing some reading, you might want to have a look at Bob Brister's book, "Shotgunning: The Art and the Science." While it is out of print, you can usually find a used copy from alibris or amazon for $10 or $15. It is awesome and would still be a bargain at many times the price!

Another book I especially enjoyed when I was just getting into shotguns myself is by Gene Hill, "A Shotgunner's Notebook." He passes on the wisdom of someone who has been in the game for a long time - as though a favorite uncle took the time to give you pointers and perspective that would otherwise take years to accumulate on your own.
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