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What's your price range? What are you going to shoot with it (in other words what power do you need)?

I just went through this process about two months ago. I wanted a semi-auto, because I don't want too much recoil, and I wanted a 12 ***** for versatility. For me, the Beretta 391 was the right choice. I got a used one in excellent condition for $570. New they are about 8-900.

I am thinking about buying a 20 ***** now. Also versatile (can go to 3 inch shells for power) but lighter, and I am thinking it would be better tollerated by my wife and son than my 12. So I'm thinking about a youth model 20 for them, and if they don't use it, I'll slap a full sized frame on it and use it myself ;)

If you can in any way arrange it, go shoot other peoples weapons. Only that will tell you what feels right to you. If I hadn't shot my friends 12 *****, I probably would have ended up with a pump and been frustrated with the recoil as compaired to my Beretta.

Hope that helps,

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