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I've just put in an order for a SPR310 sporting o/u.
I'm looking for tune-up suggestions.

Last summer I borrowed my brother-in-laws 870 pump, and had
a lot of fun shooting trap (rather poorly). I did try some of the
better guns other shooters were using, and it was clear that
a trap specific gun would improve things.

I'm cheap - so the Spartan/Baikal looks like a good entry point.
I've handled the non-sporting models at the store, and one thing
was clear - the single tiny bead was inadequate.

I'm thinking of replacing the front bead with some kind of fibre
optic sight. I'm looking for suggestions and opinions as to what
to do, and other suggested tuneups - I have access to a good

This forum is very helpful - thanks in advance!

Crypto Engineer

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I use my SPR310 for trap.

As for replacing the bead with a fiber optic, one school of thought is that you should be concentrating on the bird, and not the bead. Head on the Stock, Eye on the Rock. Basically you see the bird, point your gun and it hits the bird. This is why people are always talking about gun fit, its so they don't have to aim. Just point, where their eye looks their gun points.
By focusing on the bead, you lose sight of the clay and are more prone to miss. So with that in mind, most trap shooters do not use fiber optics so their eye isn't drawn away from the clay. I know of people who have taken the bead off all together.

But if you want to try the fiber optic, they do make magnetic ones that will fit right onto your rib, right before your bead. Try one of these, so you do not have to remove your bead. Then if you like it, great. If not you can take it off and your bead is still there.

Good luck with your new gun
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