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Newbie 870 Question

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I was just getting ready to buy a Rem 870 Home Defense model, when my father-in-law said he had a shotgun I could have. Come to find out it is an older (at least 15 years old) Remington 870 Wingmaster that is about 90%. Lucky me.

Since I will probably never use it for more than home defense, I don't mind altering it. What I'm thinking about getting is a Mossberg Rem 870 18.5" barrel for it. Will this barrel work with my receiver (SN #T745xxxV)? I'm also thinking about the Hogue OM stock and forend, since I've got Hogue's on several other firearms and like them. Will these work? Any opinions?

Any other comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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From the Remington web site FAQ--Interchangeability of barrels.

"Model 870--All standard 2 3/4" and 3" barrels are interchangeable within gauge, with the exception of 20 gauge guns built prior to 1977. These guns can be distinguished by the serial number. The suffix on these 20 gauges will be either "X" or "N". If your serial number ends in either "X" or "N" please refer to our Obsolete Parts Dealers for extra barrels. Super Magnum barrels chambered for 3 1/2" shells cannot be used on non-Super Magnum Receivers, however 3" barrels can be used on an 870 Super Mag receiver. Super Magnum receivers have serial numbers that end with an "A". The Model 870 Special Field has a shorter magazine tube and we have designed it for the 23 inch barrel. Other barrels will not fit the Model 870 Special Field."

In your case, an 18.5" Remington should do fine for your Wingmaster, assuming it is not an exception listed above.

However/I'm not sure what a MOSSBERG/REMINGTON 870 barrel is?
Do you mean EITHER a Mossberg OR a Remington? Since the Remington will change OK, I would stay with that. Didn't know Mossberg made barrels for the Remington 870.

Best to ask Hogue what their stocks/forearms will fit but I would expect they could provide you with one that will. Should be no problem.

Good luck!
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