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Hi ya newtrapbabe,
Just my views as a newbie too:

Remington 1100 - no problem! So many people use 1100's of different styles at my club that it's not even funny. The 1100 is a great gun, super reliable, and should work quite well for all clay sports, especially for us newbies... :wink:

As far as shoulder pain, yes, me too at first. My first two weekends out I shot 50 shells on each Saturday, and my arm was a little sore for a number of days afterward each time. Since then I've shot at least another 250 shells (50 each time to the field) and the pain is no-more. Just as XT Babe says, it'll just take those muscles a little gettin' used to your new hobby - in no time this will be a memory of the past... 8)

I might recommend a book I've purchased recently that is truly AN EXCELLENT RESOURCE. Really provides the newbie with a TON of excellent written info, including a full section called "Fitness and conditioning". Details exercises with your firearm and weights to help improve strength. it's called "The complete book of shotgunning games" by Tom Migdaldalski, and I swear everybody should have this book! Bought mine from Amazon - here's a link: ... 36-0389650

In addition to this, another excellent newbies book that I've also purchased is "The Gun Digest Book of Trap and Skeet Shooting" by Chris Christian, and here's the link: ... ce&s=books

I highly recommend both!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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