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Welcome to the wonderful and arcane world of Sporting Clays rules :lol:

Yes, if the course is set with the phrase "full use of the gun" it means that on a single, you can take two shots at it.

If it is a pair, either report, following or true, you ONLY load two shells. HOWEVER, if you shoot at the first targets and miss, it is a GOOD STRATEGY to shoot at that one again, rather than trying to get onto the second target. You are more likley to hit the one you just missed, you are closer to it for one thing, than the other target that you have to pick up and create lead. 50% is a good score.

Only load 2 shells regardless. And (I know you already know this) be careful if you break it with the first shot - you are still live with a semi auto.


hee hee wait till you disocver FITASC rules
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