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I went to my first round of sporting clays last Sunday, and I enjoyed the heck out of it. :D But I was surprised by one thing. I assumed that I would only be allowed to shoot one shot per target, so I took 100 shells along for two 50-target rounds.

I noticed a shooter ahead of me shooting a second time at a target he missed. Then when I missed a target another shooter told me I should have shot at it a second time. I started doing this and hit a couple of targets with my second shots.

Are there standard and universal rules regarding how many shells you are allowed to load and shoot in sporting clays? The way I figure it you can load 2 shells for each single target or target pair. If you are shooting a single target that gives you two chances at it, but if you are shooting a pair (true pair, following pair or report pair) you have 2 shots for 2 targets, and you aren't allowed to load a third shell in your gun. Is that the standard way to shoot sporting clays?

I ended up buying another box of shells at the club so I would have enough for my second round. I definitely will be trying sporting clays again at other clubs, so I want to know the proper way to do it. Thanks.
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