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Born_2_Shoot said:
Boy, do I feel stupid. 2%, not 20%. Thanks for taking the time to clear that up.

Sounds like the 1145 fps shells I'm loading should do OK for handicap as well, correct?
1 1/8 oz of 7 1/2 at 1150 fps will break trap birds from the 16 to the 27. I prefer 1200 to 1250 fps for handicap though. If you're loading handicap trap shells at 1300 fps, you're breaking the ATA's max velocity rule for 1 1/8 oz of shot.

My handicap powders are: Winchester Super Target (WST), Green Dot, and Winchester AA Super Handicap. The first two make nice 1200 fps loads. You can push Green Dot up to 1250 fps, but it starts to get pretty kicky. The AA Super Handicap powder lets you duplicate Winchester's 1250 fps factory loads. The first two powders are fairly clean at 1200 fps. AA Super Handicap is dirty (especially if you're loading a less than a 1250 fps load), just like the factory ammo. Doesn't really matter though, use clean Clays or dirty AA Super Handicap, still takes the same number of patches to clean the gun.

As for your 10,000 psi pressure limit, most powder need to be above that to burn clean. To get the velocity you want, at the pressure you want, you're going to need something in the burn speed rate of Unique, and that will be even dirtier than 800-X is.

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