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Newbies looking for shotguns, look here

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I purchased a beretta al391 two weeks ago and finally got to shoot it today. I put heavy field loads through it then some slugs and finally 7/8 ounce wally world loads. It cycled everything without a problem. Tomorrow im going for a couple of rounds of sporting clays. Those of you looking for a semi, take a close look at the 391. There are alot of guns alot cheaper, but this one will do anything you ask of it. It is about the same price as all the other major semis except the benellis. It is really easy to break down. This gun is heads above the remington 1100s that i have shot. Just my opinion, but make sure to take a long look at them anyway
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Glad you like yours, I just got mine and I will be using it for the first time tomorrow. Any break-in tips?
Im sure it will cycle light loads right away, but most people say to run heavy loads through it at first. Heavy dove loads are heavy enough for me with a few slugs here and there. I f you have ever shot a slug through a pump, try some in your beretta. Its a big difference. I hope you have a same good experience with yours
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