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First, sorry for the caps in the title, but I'm stoked. After 2+ years of fighting, Ohio will have CCW soon.

Governer Taft has acconunced that: "The bill, as it is apparently moving out of the Senate, meets all the tests we have put forward with respect to training, background checks, and especially the support or nonopposition of local law-enforcement authorities,"..."If a bill like that came to my desk, I would sign it."

The Ohioans For Concealed Carry had this to add:

"House Bill 12 was PASSED by the Ohio House by 69-28 "veto-proof" majority on March 12th. After serious modification, Substitute HB12 was passed by the Ohio Senate by a 22-10 "veto proof" majority on June 18th"

Looks like I need to schecule some classes, catch everyone later.
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Congrats Ohioans!!!! :D
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