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I had a chance to touch the trigger on ONE of these this weekend.

I tried the 2.25 oz 3" 4,5, & 7.5 triplex load. With my tight turkey choke it did not pattern like the 4x6 load that I currently use and at $2.65 per shell that is one more reason I am not all that interested in changing or shooting them regularly. I bought 5 of them as they sell them by the each in various configurations, 4's, 5's, or 6's in either copper or nickle plated shot and they also put together hevishot in many of the loads. I might try it later on with a more open choke and again check the pattern.

This was likely one of the most brutal shells I have ever shot. It takes a lot of powder to get 2.25 oz of stuff moving and the shove that it gives back, ouch! Its like a high caliber rifle recoil.

My hunting partner did take his bird with this load as it patterned well through his set up...and he didnt remember the recoil after he was up and moving towards his flopping turkey.

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(3/24/03 12:26:53 am)
Reply Re: Nitro turkey loads
Buddy had some in heavyshot in 12g 3.5 in the duck blind last fall.Gave me three to try and even offered me the frist shot on birds. Hellva Guy
Well things were slow and I forgot about the shells I shoot Rem. 12g 3.5 1-9/16 Nitro steel mags. how much differant can they be.Can't afford heavyshot!!!
Frist run of buffleheads I found out.I got a funky shooting style shoot right hand and am right eyed so I got to put my cheek over the stock a bit to line up.
Lined up on that critter pulled the trigger HELLO!!! about broke my ckeek bone.Buddy laughing his a$$ off.
Got the bird frist shot thank god and let the others pass on threw.I wasn't pulling that trigger again on less I had to.
Manualy unloaded the rest and put in my pocket to try on my brother.Misery loves company!!!
Thats one mean round!!Reminds me of the Cor-bon ammo I bought my 44mag to much!!


First off I am an experienced turkey hunter with 25 years in the turkey woods and have 200 kills.This is not bragging but experience. Some people that write in these forums have minimal experience with shooting at turkeys. First,I have killed turkeys with all loads and use mostly a ten gauge, 31/2 12 gauge as well.but have killed them with 12 gauge and 20 gauge. I have prefered fours most of the time, and have used Winchester, Federal, but favor Nitro loads. I want the best and the most effective patterns. Up until this year I have used Nitros # 4's and have killed birds from 20 to 6o yards. with the average between 30 and fourty yards. However, last year I used Nitro's 4,5,71/2 and have gotten patterns that were unheard of several years ago. You want the best gun and shot in your gun. To complain over the price does not make sence. Fourty yards is good distance but in the open woods or out in a field most people will take the shot, you should have the best gun and pattern going for you. I do not get up 4 0'clock in the morning to take a walk in the woods, I go out to kill turkeys. Heavy shot is the best patterns I have seen. You are hunting turkeys not bluejays. If you want the best while turkey hunting then hunt with the best shell for your gun the wild turkey deserves it. Graylingdeerslayer,
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