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"No gunsmithing" 870 tactical model ghost ring sig

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This may have been covered before. On the newer Rem 870 tactical models they have drilled and tapped recievers from the factory.(4 holes) Is anyone aware of ghost ring sights without having to drill & tap more holes. Do the Trijicon or Wilson sights fit these factory holes :?:
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I'm gonna guess no. The holes are for putting a rail on the receiver to put optics on. Most GR's mount further back on the receiver for a lower profile. There may be some rail mountable options out there but I personally haven't seen them. Your best bet is to spend the extra dough on a good set and the gunsmith to install them, or learn to get good with the bead.

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The LPA is your answer. The same sights that are on the Mossberg SPX and other tactical shotguns. They are costly around $200. You mount a scope base and the adj ghost ring rear sight assembly mounts on the base. The front is a barrel band. Here is their website


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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