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HI CLAYSHOOTER:Welcome to the forum.This is one way to do it.get a dowel rod a little bit smaller than the holes in the pad and push one into one of the holes until the pad bulges out,then take a razor blade and make a small cut in the pad and let the dowel rod come on through.Now do the same for the other hole in the pad.Next get a dowel rod and elmers wood glue and plug up your present holes in your stock.Once it sets up,take your pad and push a center punch or phillips screwdriver through the holes hard enough to make a mark on your stock.Now drill a 1/8" (usualy) hole in your stock and your holes will be lined up.Use some grease on your screwdriver and it won't tear up your new pad.Its really not a hard job at all.Good luck. sj :D
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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