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Found your site and tried to get some help/info. No response. Perhaps a difficult or unusual question. I am a handgunner and usually go on Shooters.Com. FWIW, I only received one (1) answer on that site for the same question. Anyone know a site/forum where I might be able to get an answer? Topspin :twisted:
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OK... found your question (I never looked at it). Uh... I would think that it would be the same way you zero a handgun. Perhaps start at a shorter range to "get it on paper". Move the rear sight right to make the group go right, move the rear sight left to make the group go left. Raise the rear sight to raise your group, lower your rear sight to lower your group. If you can only adjust the front sight, reverse the above values (i.e. move the front sight in the opposite direction that you want the group to go). Move back to 25 and 50 yards to tweak your adjustments. I don't have a Trak-Lock, so I can't speak to the specifics.
familyguy45. Thanks. My pistol is a fixed sight CCW for work. (NYC). My house is on the ocean and we have a place in the mountains. This 870P Police Magnum is going to be my "One Gun Fits All". Up in the mountains, we get 4 legged and some 2 legged critters, that like to make un-welcome house calls on occasion. Can't hurt to have it back home either! I'll just ZERO the gun at 75 Yards with Rifled Fosters, and use the "Zone System" with the 00 Buck. Not concerned with anything past 25 Yards with Buckshot. Topspin
G can answer any questions you may have. Jason newbushmaster
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