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Non-Lethal Alternatives?

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I was curious if non-lethal alternatives are on the public market? I've seen how inaccurate the bean-bags are and was more interested in rubber shot shells. I've seen topics talking about everthing from light loads to 00 Buck, but haven't seen anything about rubber shot. If it ever comes down to just putting someone down, -I don't think I would want to ruin my carpet. :hat
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Combat effective hit the nail onthe head. Bean bag and other such such rounds are not NON LETHAL, they are LESS LETHAL. Meaning there is less of a chance that the person being shot will be killed. With this in mind, the rules of engagement are the same. If there is a reasonable chance that the person may be killed or seriously injured you are still held to the same level of justifaction. Obviously if you are already there, why would you choose a less lethal option? Less lethal rounds are primarily used when confronting sucidal subjects. It gives us a tool that will incapacitate them and allow them to be safely taken into custody
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