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Non-Lethal Alternatives?

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I was curious if non-lethal alternatives are on the public market? I've seen how inaccurate the bean-bags are and was more interested in rubber shot shells. I've seen topics talking about everthing from light loads to 00 Buck, but haven't seen anything about rubber shot. If it ever comes down to just putting someone down, -I don't think I would want to ruin my carpet. :hat
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Here is a good site that discusses "less than lethal ammuninition".

Here is a place on the web that sells "less than lethal ammunition".

Just click on 12GA at the top. They sell a Combo Pack that includes six different kinds of "less than lethal ammunition", so you can try out the different kinds.

From what I have read, on the first site and on other sites on the web, is that courts WILL consider the use of "less than lethal ammunition" in a defense situation and it WILL BE in your favor. A quote from the first site:

"A consideration by most courts when determining the legitimacy of a self-defense shooting is the escalation force. When a less lethal shell is used as the first round, knowledgeable courts and boards recognize this type of round as a legitimate attempt to defend without intent of causing lethal injury. The desired effect should be incapacitation of the intended subject to a point which allows the defender to take control of the situation, and make a decision on what follow up actions are required. As with any ammunition, the user should immediately assess the situation and be prepared to take necessary follow up actions should the desired result not be achieved."

It is true that most HD situations will only allow you to fire one shot (these discussions, invariably, do not include the use of "less than lethal ammunition") but in the case where your first shot is "less than lethal", you will undoubtedly have time to fire a second one, which should be lethal. I have seen "less than lethal ammunition" used, in video's and in person, and invariably the person who is hit, goes down. Even if the intruder turns out to be totally drugged up or as "tough as nails", at the very least it will stun the intruder long enough for you to get off a lethal round.
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