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Non-Lethal Alternatives?

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I was curious if non-lethal alternatives are on the public market? I've seen how inaccurate the bean-bags are and was more interested in rubber shot shells. I've seen topics talking about everthing from light loads to 00 Buck, but haven't seen anything about rubber shot. If it ever comes down to just putting someone down, -I don't think I would want to ruin my carpet. :hat
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asmith5 said:

First of all, I am want to greet you as a neighbor since I live in Lenexa KS. I tend to agree with the others that I would prefer a more lethal round in a HD situation. Someone intruding into my home obviously has no concern for myself, my family, or our welfare. Why should I be concerned about theirs? I was attacked in my home by an intruder in November. I did not have any guns in the house at the time. He was armed with a hunting knife and I managed to find a small pocket knife before intercepting him. I was lucky and managed to stab him in the shoulder and kick him out of my house without any injuries. The overall odds were not in my favor though. Anyone coming into my home armed with any weapon is going to face the maximum penalty for their actions. I hope that the sound of a round being shucked into my gun would be enough to send them on their way. If not, then they had better identify themselves as a friend or be prepared to be shot.

A drugged up intruder may not even feel the pain from a non-lethal round. In that situation I want to make sure I am able to drop them. I am not going to risk any danger to my wife or myself in an attempt to save the life of someone who has invaded my personal space and my life.

a couple of good points here, most theives wont risk their lives for a little cash, and will probably run away if the home owner appears with any type of firearm.

also, i support using non-lethal rounds, but i never considered that the criminal may be drugged up. i dont think rubber buckshot will stop someone on pcp
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