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Not reloading but can you help?

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I am going through some things that came down to me thru the passing of family. I have found my grandfather's WW II dog tag. He was in the Persian Gulf command, a quartermaster. I would like to do a framed display of his war portrait and include the dog tag. The problem is that the tag is pretty dirty and discolored. It does not seem to be made of aluminum, It appears to be a bronze maybe. Does anyone know what these tags were made of and have a safe suggestion for cleaning it. Of course I want to be very careful.
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Generally, the World War II dog tags were stainless steel and had a "notch" in them.

Take a look at this site:

and see if this shape looks like yours.

If not, come on back and we will help chase them down.

You might want to leave it as it currently looks and buy a new set from one of the on-line outfits. It looks like they run between 7 and 14 bucks and some even come with the 'quiet rubber' around the edges.

Good luck on your display.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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