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Not reloading but can you help?

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I am going through some things that came down to me thru the passing of family. I have found my grandfather's WW II dog tag. He was in the Persian Gulf command, a quartermaster. I would like to do a framed display of his war portrait and include the dog tag. The problem is that the tag is pretty dirty and discolored. It does not seem to be made of aluminum, It appears to be a bronze maybe. Does anyone know what these tags were made of and have a safe suggestion for cleaning it. Of course I want to be very careful.
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The silencers were used to keep the tags from rattling against buttons and other metal, giving away the soldier's position.

If your dog tag is made from most anything -- EXCEPT aluminum, silver or laquered finishes -- use Brasso, which will clean and shine brass, stainless steel, chrome, copper and pewter.

I love that stuff and am constantly finding new uses for it. Wal-Mart carries it in the cleaner section of the grocery department.

If the tag is aluminum, which it might be, get a little tub of Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish. Wal-Mart may have it in the automotive department. If not, you can get it at an auto parts store.

You can determine if it's aluminum by its light weight and it'll have a dull sound if you tap it against another metal.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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