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I just finished replacing a recoil pad and wanted to share something that might help others looking at doing this. It's pretty basic, but if you haven't been there before it's worth a mention.

First, before you buy the replacement pad, take your old one off and see what the end of the stock looks like. I was surprised to find that my Winchester Supreme Select Sporting had a good bit of the stock hollowed out. So much so that a "standard" pad with 3-1/2" hole spacing would not fit. The notch cut in the end of the stock is longer than 3-1/2", so there was no wood to screw the pad to!

Pads with a 3-1/2" hole spacing include Pachmeyr, Kick-Eze, and (unfortunately) Gooey Pad, which although it has slots, have a max width of 3-1/2". There may be some sort of adapter available, but this would add other problems (changes to LOP, etc).

The only pad I found that would fit was a Simms LimbSaver, which I can't say enough good things about. It really saved the gun for me in this case, as I was getting beat up with the stock pad. The LS's screw width is 3-11/16".

I don't work for Simms, but can recommend these pads in a heartbeat. Just watch for those notched stocks!

-- Sam
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