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nova..... forend?

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I have a mossberg 835 and am thinking about selling it and buying a nova tactical "sp". I used to live in a rural area and hunted but now I live in a small city and really just want an hd gun but with the option of getting a barrel more suited for birds perhaps. I was going to get a shorter barrel for the 835 but felt i was limited to a cutting off a barrel which i couldnt find for under 100 or a custom job; which if i had the funds for they wouldn't be going towards that, but towards a new, better hd gun. Anyway I think I like the nova a lot. It's only drawbacks to me are that it doesnt have a folding stock as a possability, and finally we get to my big question; can i get a different forend for it? I was thinking of something shorter perhaps so as to be able to use a 6 round shell holder on the side, or do they only make 4 round holders compatable with the nova? Any input reguarding anything I've said would be appreciated.
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Nope, there's no aftermarket forends that I know of for the Nova and I doubt there ever will be. The Nova has a magazine cut off in the forend that allows you to eject the round in the chamber without picking up a round from the magazine. There is a 4 round side saddle for the Nova, I have one on mine.
Here you go...

Let me know if that's what you're looking for.

I've been pretty happy with mine. I'd like to addd a mag extention though.
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