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If you join NSSA the magazine alone is worth the $30 IMHO. Good articles. As far as winning any money back...forget it.

You have to have the mindset that I am going to pay $40+ per gauge plus pots to shoot and receive a pittance back when you win your class (depending on how many in your class, total shooters, etc). For example, a few years ago I won the 28 gauge event in my class at a large shoot. It was big enough for Bender and a few others to be there. I was in C class. Because of the number of C class shooters I think I got something like $57 back on a $200 entry fee. You have to win HOA or a couple of gun champs to break even. The only real money I ever won was at the State and World shoots.

Personally, I like league shooting. I have nothing against NSSA, but IMHO, registered shoots are nothing more than a revenue source for the NSSA. When going up through the classes, the only trophies I won were donated by the club. NSSA gave nothing in the way of plaques, trophies, nada. When you're D-B shooter those things matter. I remember one year at the US Open the class medals looked like little hat pins (about 3/4 inch square). Is that the best NSSA can do??

I have been to sporting clay shoots that gave out really nice trophies along with class winnings (again miniscule compared to the entry fee).
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