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O/U comparison

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I'm going to buy an o/u 12 ga, and have noticed that the ruger red label, weatherby, and franchi guns are all near the same price. Can anyone give me their opinion(s) about these guns? Thanks very much.
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Either the Weatherby or Franchi would be the better choice. I probably can't relate why without being negative. Dad always said, "If you don't have something nice to say, keep your mouth shut!" I've nothing nice to say about the Red Label


Nope, not down on Ruger, just have nothing good to report about thier shotguns. I have a few, well quite a few of thier rifles and one handgun. Fine pieces. The shotguns don't come anywhere near them in thier comparison to competivly priced shotguns. Over the years I've looked and touchey/feely Rugers hoping I'd finally find one I could be happy with. Hasn't happened yet, and I know several folks who did get them only to be severly dissapointed in thier decision. Had to take a beating to get out from under them! Me, I like to learn from others mistakes and I do trust my instencts when it comes to machinery/firearms/etc. I know the difference between a fine piece and a wannabe!

Get the Franchi if you don't like the Weatherby. A good used Browning or Beretta or a Rizzini, or Pederson, I could go on and on! Most anything would be better than a Red Label, In my opinion!

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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