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odd mossy 500 870 stock question

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I was wondering how close a mossberg 500 stock is to fitting an 870.
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There is no reason to think it would be close at all probability such a swap will be much more effort than it's worth....
Awalker19 said:
I was wondering how close a mossberg 500 stock is to fitting an 870.
That's CRAZY talk!!! It might cause an explosion, or the planets to misalign, you could be responsible for global warming!!! :D :lol: :D :lol:

But seriously, it won't work. If you look at the side profile where the rear of the receiver starts and the stock begins in relationship to the trigger guard. The trigger guard for the Remington begins almost immediatly at that junction, the Mossberg has a 1/2" or so....



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well let me pose this question. With a lot of fiberglassing and cutting do you think the bullpup 500 frame could be fitted to an 870? I like the bull pup idea but I want it on an 870.
You're talking a lot of work to make a gun that when it worked perfectly, it was just OK...

I don't think putting an 870 action into it is going to cure what ails it....

It's like putting a 350 crate motor into a Yugo so it will perform better.... It's not just the "engine" that doesn't work well. It was an interesting design that was ahead of its time...if it were done using today's manufacturing tolerances, it MIGHT have worked better....

Good luck on your project, if you still haven't given up, you just might have the persitance to make it work..,

Take lots of pictures and keep us updated on the progress....

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I think I will still try it, it will be a fun winter project. If it doesn't work then I'll just put the old stock back on the 870. At the very least I will gain experence from it. Any insight anyone has will be great. I think I can get the stock to mount up fine. My only worry is getting the trigger to work. Dont expect any pictures soon though, I'm building an Ak right now too.
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