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Ok here we go...

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My baby: a Post-Garcia Beretta BL-4 20 gauge 28 inch bbls, choked mod. and full. I bought it off the used rack of a local gun store for $700. Isn't stealing against the law?

Stevens Model 311 20 gauge 26 inch bbls, choked ic and mod.

Ward and sons English side by side 12 gauge with 30 inch demascus nitro proved barrels. choked cyl. and cyl.

WW Greener SXS 12 gauge with 30 inch demascus nitro proved bbls.

Westly Richards 28 gauge 28 inch bbls choked ic and mod. straight stock with splinter forend.

Holland and Holland Best qualilty 12 gauge 29.5 inch bbls. choked skeet 1 and mod

Now the coo de gras...

A Browning BSS Sidelock 20 gauge. huh huh huh
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:D To help us determine whether or not you have broken the law, do you live in Huntsville of your own free will and accord? :shock:

Seems like a fine list of shotguns, your ownership or your wishlist? :lol:
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