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old ammo, just got back from the range and tested the sponge idea. have to say it worked great hell I didn't even have to buy one just went to the basement and looked around a bit :D

I kinda screwed up a bit mounting the scope .I was concerned
about recoil and didn't want to get smacked in the eye :cry:

but what I didn't take into consideration was clothing when I put my hunting coat on I had to really stretch my neck to see through the scope I loosened the rings a bit and cheesed it back about a 1/2 inch

interesting enough when I shot it at fifty yrds it was about 8'' high so I clicked it down to about 2'' high at fifty

right now at 100yrs it is dead center

I only shot 2 shots at a hundred and they were about a 1/2 apart good enough for me on with the hunt! at 2buck a shot its quit expensive to shoot.

by the way I was using lightfields 23/4 11/4 oz

Cuda, thanks for the shooting tips I tried them all today especially where you hold the forearm down it felt a lot better .

thanks to everybody who responded to my former post.

happy thanksgiving and good luck !

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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