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Old double barrel

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I found an old double barrel that my Dad had stuck in the corner of his gun safe and it's nothing like I've seen before it's missing the forestock and has seen better days. It has a bunch of french writing on it "Francaise D'armes et Cycles de St. Etielle" "Fusil L'Ideal Breuete dails tous les pays" "E Prove fini poudre pyroxlee" it is a 12 GA and it still is fully functional as far as I can tell it has two triggers and two trigger guards about the size of a quarter. It also has some engraving on it. Look like it was an expensive gun in its day. Any help finding out information on this gun would be great. I don't know if to try to resore it or leave it alone. Any suggestions on what to do or what this gun may be worth.
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Thats what we call a Manufrance, Apparently made on th same patent as their Ideal Model. They go back to the late 1800s, made several grades, mostly low to midgrade, Stoeger was the US distrubitor in the late 20s,, Your gun is likely worth less than $100 with no forend,,BI
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