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+1, good thread, I've learned some stuff here too.

I've been shooting 1100s since 1981 and picked up a nice used 1187 SC a few years ago. I've also got an older 28 Sporting with the 25" barrel, a LT-20 and a 1981 1100.

Function and assembly and disassembly are about as automatic as it gets. I've tried the "B" guns and owned one for a while. Nothing wrong with them but I didn't shoot them any better or in some cases as well as my Remingtons. The "B" gun I owned was no more reliable, I got tired of having to think about the differences in the newer gun and didn't see any advantage in getting used to it. On top of that I like the looks of the 1100/1187s.

When it comes to sem-autos I'm staying with what I've got. It's kind of nice when I outshoot someone using the new tech, foreign made stuff with my American made 1963 design shotgun. Some days geezerdom's not so bad.
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