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ok i hope to get a load of feedback from some of the expert reloaders around here .i borrowed my dads old pre `82 mec jr reloader last week so i can start reloading my shells because i just found the great sport of skeets and sporting clays. anyway i was using the load my dad was using which is AA caseing , 209 winchester primer , clay buster wad , 1 1/8 oz of 7 1/2 shot and when i wieghed it on a grain scale the powder was 18.5 grams of winchester 452AA powder. well after reloading 600 rounds im out of powder and the mec bar has no bushing just a drilled hole. cant find 452AA so i was told to look at the charts and find a comparable powder to shoot this load. can someone help me out here i dont want to shoot too hot a load and risk damage to myself or my gun yet dont want to shoot a weak load eithier. im kinda new to this so any advice would be appreciated, also can i use blue dot for a hot load for dove or is that a little bit like over kill . thanks, the new guy lol

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For about $8.00, you can get a new charge bar that takes powder bushings. The new bars also have a rubber insert in the shot pocket that prevents shot shearing and bar jamming. With the bushings (about $1.50 each) you have a lot of flexibility in powder choice and charge weight. A new bar would definitely be worth the money.

While you're at it, you might consider a 1 oz bar and some 1 oz wads... for 16 yard trap and for skeet, 1 oz is all you need, it has less recoil, and a bag of shot goes 12% farther.

Also, get a couple of the thin brass washers that go under the rubber gasket on the powder side - they're less than a buck for a bag of 2. They prevent powder from migrating out of the opening when the bar is cycled.
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