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mike modelle said:
Referees are paid to get the shooters thru the 100 targets and not paid to call no bird. Face it.
Actually, they are paid to call no bird. And the "reality" is we shoot an outdoor sport. There are variables and to insist/demand perfect consistency in target flight is impracticable, impractical, implausible, and just generally silly.

And Mr. Steinkraus is not the only one who thinks it's to his advantage to shoot in difficult conditions. I know from personal conversations that for one of the greatest shooters to shoot the game a windy locale is not a per se deterrent for him when choosing a shoot because it's ultimately not going to affect the truly good shooters that much anyways and it spreads the option money out better. He and Mr. Kraus are not alone.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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