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Can anyone tell me-

Is a "laminated steel" barrel actually a "damascus" barrel? Or what are they talking about? Is it actually layers of steel laminated together?

For instance, my dad has an old SxS "T Barker" shotgun. On the barrel is stamped "Belgium Laminated Steel" . I did some digging on the net and read it is a damascus barreled shotgun. Is this true? I certainly wouldnt fire it without tying it to a tree and using 50 yards of string to pull the trigger... If it was safe, it would be fun to try trap shooting with it though..:)


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(12/30/02 7:40:07 pm)
Reply Re: Old shotgun barrel technology
As I understand it, it is the same or similar just the processes were a tad different, trying to build a better mousetrap sort of thing. I don't know which process was superior though.

chad e
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(12/30/02 8:45:45 pm)
Reply Old shotgun barrel technology
Thanks for the reply, this sort of info is hard to find.

I'll try to find the site I read this info on. It was a forum about antique shotguns..

Bummer, my dads old SxS is in bad condition, there is alot of bore pitting,and since it fell off the wall, the stock is cracked.. ( I would assume it is very unsafe to fire it) Oh well, he got it 20 years ago for nothing. I think It would make a great video to put two 3" magnum shells in it (It appears to be chambered for 2 3/4") and videotape its double firing from a safe distance. I imagine it would be a sight to behold, that is, if you avoided the shrapnel...
Or maybe repair it and keep it as a "wall hanger" --nahh.. lets see it explode.. :)

Happy shooting, Keep dusting those clays,

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(12/31/02 1:49:32 am)
Re: Old shotgun barrel technology
We strongly discourage shooters from attempting to shoot shells larger than recommended by the manufacturer. But hey, if you do it anyway and video it we'll put it on the web site.
Jay Gentry

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(12/31/02 9:14:37 am)
Re: Old shotgun barrel technology
The days of Jackass......are these the end days?

Some places, like Cracker Barrel use them as wall art. You could offer it for sale as an art piece to them or Basspro.

However, I kinda like the idea of an old shooter going out with a bang. If you obstruct the barrels with mud, over load some shells with Steel or Longshot powder and stand behind something big and metal very far away.....leave the camera close though, it should make a nice barrel flower. do this at your own risk, nobody wants to see anyone hurt....(ok, there is someone that wants to see someone else atleast mildly wounded, but that is another story)......wear eye, ear, nose, and even a condom and a tinfoil hat, you can't be too cautious!!!
There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.

chad e
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(12/31/02 8:58:56 pm)
Reply old shotgun barrels
MarlandS was right. A "Laminated Steel" barrel is similar to a "Damascus" barrel as described here-

a good read on old shotguns.

This old "T Barker" is in sad shape. rusty, broken stock, badly pitted barrels on the inside. I believe I read its worth $100 in good condition. Really not much of a loss if it happend to blow up..

Im aware of the danger of blowing up a gun, and I would definately be far away and behind my beast-- '77 Olds' Delta88 !! (18ft long, 6ft wide, 2.5 tons of american pride!! :)

The thought crossed my mind, it might make a better piece of wall art if it was twisted and mangled, so, assuming my dad would go for blowing up a shotgun, I could load a couple 3" shells with say 25 g. Hodgdon clays, and as much shot as the shell could hold, that aught to be really dangerous. (my normal AA load is 18.2 g with a pressure of 9800 LUP)

Judging from the load data, a 1 grain inrease gives 1000 LUP increase, so at 25g, it should be at least 16800 LUP with a 1 1/8 load. Squeeze maybe 2 oz or more shot in, and were talking a real disaster!! Yeah , that should blow up that old SxS, and then some, especially if I can fire both barrels at once :)
Even if I dont have the nerve to do it, its fun talking about it...

Keep dusting the clays, and happy new year-
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