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The ones I know of are:

The Side-By-Side (compiled by Charles E. Carter, 195 pages) this is good for drawings and lists

Pocket Guide to Shotguns (co-authored by two Quertermous men), 188 pages The edition I have I marked, in 1995 at the top, "Incomplete". It could have been improved with a little effort; maybe it has gone through some revisions by now.

Gun Digest, 1979 Delux edition, 33rd Anniversary. (edited by John T. Amber). See pp. 243-47 for "Economy Double Guns", mostly text.

The BEST is last, and here it is, the jewel of my references:
Shotgun Digest, All New 2nd Edition, 1983, (edited by Jack Lewis and Jack Mitchell) See Chapter 11 "Shotguns for the Budget Minded", pp. 145-53. These pages have automatic, pump, single and double barrels with photos and opinions as to how to check for wear and approx values, desirability, and strong points.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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