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I've got more bargain shotguns than I need but my first is my favorite; an old Winchester 120 Ranger with screw-in chokes that I bought when I took up partridge (grouse) huntin' in college in Vermont. Great gun. Here's a story you'll appreciate..I was home from college fifteen years ago and went up to a local skeet place here in NJ and shot a couple of rounds of trap with the Ranger. As I'm waiting for the puller to re-load the house a green Jaguar pulls up (gold statue on the hood and all) and soon the loudspeaker barks "Hold field 5 for ..." and low and behold out walks "Biff" in his Orvis (aka. Orifice) shooting cap and Knickers...yes ...I said knickers! ...with, of course a multi-thousand dollar shotgun to boot.Long story short, the grubby college kid with the NRA baseball cap (turned backwards for effect at that point)and the $85 used piece-o-crap kicked his [email protected]#...!I shot 22 and he shot a 10. What a putz.While I'm in the market for a "Reasonable", real skeet gun, for the most part, ain't no shotgun nothin' more than a scattergun....any way you want to slice it!BTW... that gun now sports camo tape and is my Skeet gun every September so I get warmed up for waterfowl.Whatever you do GET SCREW-IN CHOKES!! (versatility)
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