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m/gold20 -- when you're working on an old M12 that's from 1928, and a screw is a tad hard to break loose; be patient and don't try horsing it out. Try to get some pentrating oil in there and after soaking for a bit - hold a brass drift on the screw head and tap the drift with a hammer. This will help to break the threads loose. Just a brisk little tap or two or three, but don't go wailing on it.

Then position the barrel so you can bare down on the screw driver by pulling down hard on it and try slowly turning it. Don't force it as you can break a side off the screw head. Sometimes you'll have to tap the screw head a few more times, but apply heavy downward pressure on the screwdriver as you try to turn it. Another important thing is to have a correct screwdriver, one that has a hollow ground contour to the flat blade and is the correct size for the screw head. The blade can't be too wide for the slot or it can bust off one side of the screw head.

For your predicament with the one side missing screw head. Follow what I suggested and try to find a screwdriver with a hardened blade, one that is small enough to fit into the slot and attempt hitting the top with a hammer to try and create a slot for it to get a grip. If this doesn't work, find a professional who can remove the screw for you rather than attempting to drill it out yourself.

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