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opinions on an "all-around" set-up

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Hi, folks, I was on the ezboard site a couple of times but don't remember if I ever posted. This is my first time here since you moved.

I recently traded myself out of shotguns, and I have to go buy at least one new one. Here's what I want it to do, in this order:

1) home defense (which is why I'm posting in tactical), including pest eradication
2) called-in coyotes in dense cover
3) turkey hunting
4) dove hunting

I live on about 30 acres out in the country, so I'd like for it to be able to handle slugs "just in case".

I got by for several years with an older Winchester 1300, modified choke, no tubes (which was one reason I was willing to trade it). I'd like to keep it in the $300 range for the initial investment, though I wouldn't object to adding stuff later. I've been shooting a 12 gauge since I was 10 (long, long ago) and I prefer pumps.

All thoughts and recommendations regarding brands, barrels, sights, tubes, etc. will be appreciated. Shoot, maybe you think I even need more than one scattergun.

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I think most people are going to recommend either the remington 870 or mossberg 500 series (I don't know the specific model). Both offer deals where you buy one gun and get a package with two different barrels. The 870 usually comes with a 28" and a 20" barrel and the mossberg usually comes with a 28" and an 18" barrel. For turkey I would reccomend the 870 12 gauge 3 1/2" magnum and then buy a shorter slug barrel with open sights for the coyote and home defense purpose. You can choose between the smooth bore slug barrel or rifled dear barrel. Both are 20" I believe. This will give you a lot of versatility. The price may be a little over $300 but it will be close.
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