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Opinions wanted

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Would like opinions on the following brands:HugluFabarmFranchithanks,
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I own a Franchi Mdl. 48 AL, autoloader in 12 ga. I have owned it for about 22 years. I has been from Alaska to South Carolina and back to West Virginia as a camp gun, small game, and bird gun. I have worked this shotgun endlesy, {if that is a word} and it has NEVER failed me or my family. I have two barrels a 24 and a 30. Both have been great! And no I don't work for Lugi Franchi... Ha Ha
Huglu makes a very nice shotgun, I am gathering my nickels and dimes to get a 28 gauge. Mark at Huglu USA is making a name for himself and Huglu. I own a 12 ga. Model U2 with extractor rather than ejectors (U2E). It compares favorably with any of my Citoris. They make an autoloader that retails for around $350 that is a good gun. I don't own side by sides, but I have held several of the Huglus, and they look nice too. All the guns come with 5 choke tubes, except 16 ga. and .410 bore, good warranty, satin or optional gloss black finish and there is a good inventory in his warehouse with more coming all the time. There are dealers popping up all over since the guns have appeared at the last couple of SHOT shows, or if there are no dealers nearby, he can ship to FFL's. I have used my gun for sporting clays, five stand and skeet, it definately shoots better than me. Be confident in the gun and how well the importer/distributer stands behind them.
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I have shot a Franchi 20 *****. They are a sweet shooting gun. Little or no recoil, just right for a lady or a youngster. They are excellent for turkey, squirrels, rabbits, quail, and other small game. I've even seen a high flying goose knocked down with it. I haven't tried those other guns you mentioned Idahobidcaller. NAHC MemberBASS MemberJuniusblk_pwdr86"You can take the boy away from the country, but you can't take the country away from the boy!"
always a Franchi fan, merging with Benelli has made some of the nicest over-unders comparable to the Citori's, their gas-operated are second to none, not a big fan of the Turkish made Hugla's, but Fabarm is another very high quality brand, with a long-standing history and tradition of quality, and as far as i am concerned any brand who partners with H&K must be one of the best, not too mention that they make some of the most beautiful shotguns in the world check out the Beft Beta Europe Field side by side 12 with pistol grip!!
FABARM .........the best (tribore system really works)
FRANCHI .........expect some recoil
I have a Franchi Veloce, Lovely little 20 ga. I've looked at a few Huglus, Not what I was looking for in fit or finish. Wasn't impressed with the Fabarm I saw at a few gunshows, but it was just personal, just didn't like the asthetics and fit.

This one is easy.

By FAR and away the Franchi is the class of this bunch.

Mark and DHShotguns has a nice product but it is nowhere near the quality, I think of the Franchi's.

Fabarm/HK whatever, this is a like buying a Sony Computer. I'm sure it's nice but I'd rather have and HP or a Dell.

For the Idaho guy up there, Marks shotguns are now at
I just posted in the Selliers and Bellot shotshell ?'s about my experience with those in my new Huglu. Let it be said that I own many guns from many different manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, Remington and several others. I just purchased a new Huglu 103D in 28 gauge. It is the Armsco model. It has extractors (which I wanted because of reloading and the fact that if I do not kill the pheasant with the first 2 shots, a 3rd one won't do it, either.) My oldest daughter and I put several boxes of ammo through it today and had no problems other than 1. I had on dark glasses and have the blued receiver model. The selector letters are small and I thought I had it set on U and it was on O. I pulled trigger, got a click and thought, "damn, these things are crap." But, pulled the trigger a second time and the bootom barrel fired. Mechanical triggers just like the Franchi. I double checked the selector and it was my fault. 2. My daughter was shooting singles out of the top barrel. She failed to open the gun fully and the cocking mechanism did not set. I told her to open it all the way and it worked fine.
I looked at the Franchi and it is one fine product. I could have had either one I wanted (also considered Red Label) and after talking with dealers (4 total all in different counties in my state, including the 3 biggest guns stores in our state) and they all confrimed no problems with the many they had sold, I went with the Huglu. It is beautifully balanced, the walnut has a beautiful grain that I usually see only on much higher priced guns. The machining is excellent. All the fits are tight as you would expect. Through in the fact it is a true 28ga frame, it is hand engraved and the price was excellent--I got a deal. I will be shooting it again on Saturday and Sunday and will post again Sunday evening as to its performance.
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The one thing I worry about is parts.In twenty years will you be able to find parts for the gun you buy today?
oops I didn't sign in.the reason I worry about parts,is my wife bought me fine Skb in 1973.I had to buy all the parts I could find for it last year just in case .
Although not in the market for a Huglu, I clicked on the link above and got a "ghost site". I clicked on this link- -and look what you get....rather disturbing, especially if you own one. :shock:
It is my understanding that the Huglu gif file you linked to above is a joke. No further info available. That domain name is no longer being used and it is supposedly paid up several years in advance. that can stay there with no further explanation. If you are online for any length of time you realize that this stuff gets put up all the time. My Huglu seems to be working fine. Ran several boxes of shells through it this weekend alone. Did have one hiccup which I can probably attribute to user error.

Reference the above "ghost site", this above is the current link. After reading the site over, if you bought one from this company, it looks as if they'll take good care of you.

jlptexashunter got me to the right site.
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