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Instead of needing polls for various things, like favorite ammo or best gun how about offering your opinion for what you like, why you like it over another choice, and then ask for the forum users to provide theirs.
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But Rick , that would cause actual interaction...... :roll:

People would start talking to each other , then we'd need some sort of message board.. oh wait we have that, and they would have to READ what people think and OMIGOSH know why they think it. Nope ,it would never work.
Along these same lines there really isn't a best, atleast a single only one option for most situations. What one person uses may not be suited for what another does, especially when it comes to shotgun shells. Each gun patterns differently with various loads and it behoves the shooter to spend some time at a clays range or atleast at the pattern board to see what really does best for them.

An example, someone asks whats the best waterfowl or even duck load. If you are teal hunting small shot and the xpert loads do fine, atleast for me yet someone that is hunting seaducks on the coast would prefer something with more punch, and someone timber hunting in AR would make a different choice, same as the guys gunning over blue bill dekes. Different situations call for different tools.
You have to watch out when you ask for opinions. There are some on here who seem to think they are the only ones allowed to have an opinion. I catch hell every time I mention mine. I have been called a moron, stupid, an a-hole and lord knows what else just because my opinion clashed with another. I got a dollar says I'll catch it for this one too.
That shouldn't be happening around here, what happens to you at the local sewing club or tea house we can't help :p and the opinions didn't even clash. Just kidding BB, some folks are just very closed minded about some things.
I have been called a moron, stupid, an a-hole and lord knows what else ...
If this happens on our forum please let me know. You may not be bothered by it or your thick skinned, which is okay. However, other people see it and think that it's okay to attack people and it spreads like roaches. I'll put a stop to it one way or another. Sorry if it happened to you on this forum BB.
Jay Gentry
Those of us with grey hair or thinning hair (or both !!!) need to take advantage of one of the few good things to come with old age - we get a chance to be cantankerous old farts (it's expected, you know). Simply checking a box in a poll doesn't cut it - we need a chance to give a complete opinion, starting out with "I tell ya, the trouble with kids today..... "
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