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Options for Mossberg 9200A1

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I have a Mossberg 9200A1. Can't imagine anything its good for other than home protection. My question is this: are there longer barrels that I can put on this so I can use it for clays or bird hunting?

The gun works fine and is in excellent condition. Its just not too good for shooting clay pidgeons.....;)
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Mossberg no longer makes barrels to fit the 9200, but you can occassionally find a 28" on one of the Auction Boards. Good luck if you want to try and find a slug barrel though.
You could try Mossberg, if they don't have something lying in a forgotten corner they can direct you to whomever bought out the last of their inventory. You could also try Nurmrich Arms/ Gun Parts Inc. I did the former when I bought a 5500 years back. It came with a 2 3/4" barrel and I was looking for a 3" one to go with it. The person I talked to gave me a number of a shop but also said to first call back in a week as he may find something in "the back room". I did and ended up with a turkey barrel which worked fine. They also sent along an extra set of choke tubes, a decent choke wrench and a hard plastic case to hold the gun and barrels.
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