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OT-Toshiba laptops suck!

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If you are looking at a Toshiba lap top of any kind and you expect it to work for more than a year, you better think twice.

Their warranty is 365 days and they don't mean one hour more. The things have a known design flaw, or maybe you could say deliberate time bomb, that causes the display to go black.

Check out their own "tech" web site for verification. It appears to be common in everyone of their lap top models and well known to them. ... ess=public

Just search for the word "display" for the corperate con man to be revealed.

You low life theives at Toshiba may have got me for a few hundred bucks but it will be the last nickle you ever get and I'll be shooting back at you on the world's messege boards for the rest of my life or until you start making it right with the your victims. My case number is 3-7188079 that would be a good place to start.
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Would that be the 12ga laptop or the 20ga :?:
:lol: :roll: :p
Hey Gordon, I'm still trying to figure out where to put the milk, I mean this thing has a cereal port so where does the milk go?
Hey No Fair! You stole my spot for "lame joke of the year!"

P.S. As a profesional computer geek this dude is full of it. Toshiba is to laptops what Browning is to O/U's. Not that anyone cares here. Just had to get a shotgun reference in ya know.
Hello "B" and welcome to This is a wonderful forum for shotguns and wingshooting. I understand and appreciate your distaste for Toshiba products, however until they start manufacturing shotguns your comments regarding computers do not belong in this forum. We welcome topics related to the shotgunning world.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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