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P-W die change 800 plus vs Platinum 2000

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I've been told that the 800 plus die changing is quicker than changing dies in the Platinum 2000. Quicker isn't always better.
Is there any problems with the Platnium die changing? The dies for the Platinum are quite a bit less expensive.

The new price is the same for both machines, so do you have preferences for either??

Thanks for your opinions
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The dies in the Platinum change one at a time. You have to loosen a set screw for each tool (deprime punch, powder drop tube, wad ram, shot drop tube, pre-crimp, crimp, etc.) and replace each one at a time. Very slow and tedious you'll get tired of it very quickly. The 800+ has all the dies attached to a single plate so you swap the entire plate in and out. Much faster. The tooling is more expensive for the 800+ because it includes that plate which is a big part.

I bought an 800+ two years ago now and it has worked very well. I would not return it for a Platinum if provided the opportunity.
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