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parker bros 12 ga.1872

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I have a parker bros.12ga. double barrel shotgun with hammers dated 1872 model# or serial #51117 could any one tell me more about this gun and its value.
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on bottom of barrel it has a C under that is a 9 then with a T with () on top and bottom of the T with 2 dates of april 11,1876 and june 25 1878.
Your best bet would be to contact the "Parker Gun Collectors Association"

They would have more detail and know exactly what questions to ask to help you determine a value on your fine old double.

Marlands may have more info than I ...
that serial number shows 1887 ....

Sounds like a "C" grade but I'm not positive.. unless the condition is above 40% (case colors etc.) it's not really valuable.

I'd follow AG's advice.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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