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parker bros 16guage double damascus barrels ser 14xxxx

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Inquiring on value of shotgun. The barrels are 30 inches. Hidden hammers. Lots of fine engraving including birds. Patent March 26, 1878. Good condition. Silver shield embedded in stock.
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the 14xxxx ranges from 1907 - 1909

The value depends on the grade (look for letters or numbers in the break) and condition , mainly the amount of original finish left on it.
The numbers in the break are:
D with a 3 above it and
a 4 with an 8 above it to the right.
There is also a letter C above these numbers.
Still in the break but in a different location is the number
13 and in an oblong circle there is a WK.
On the stock tang there is 2K.

The stock is in good condition and the barrels are good. One spot is slightly worn from a gun rack.
I researched the numbers in the break on thegun and they are grade 2 quality G.H., the original finish on the stock is very good, but there is a narrow spot on the barrels that are more shiny then the rest from a gun rack. I would like to know the value.It is a parker bros double, damuscas barrels 30 ins. serial 14xxxx
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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